At KingTech we are always working on new projects. For those who are interested in what we are doing, every now and then a blog or video of our latest projects is created. This page lists the most recent blogs and video’s created for KingTech.

PC Builds

On the KingTech youtube channel you will find multiple PC and server builds. Creating technologie has always been the base of the KingTech operation, and computers are no exceptions. In our PC build video’s we show you how the PC’s in our office and our servers are build. Every now and then someone asks us to build a PC for them, whenever we accept such a request we try to make a video about it and add them to the PC build playlist as well.


KingTech exists to to create new technologie, and as technologie freaks we love our gadgets. Hence, another thing we do on the KingTech youtube channel, is building and reviewing electronics and gadgets. If you are interested in that, do subscribe to the channel to make sure you wont miss out on anything!

Live streams

At KingTech we believe knowledge is power, and in order to spread this knowledge KingTech organizes knowledge sharing sessions via streams. The knowledge sharing sessions are the perfect opportunity to get in touch and learn about a diverse set op engineering topics. So if you are interested in machine learning, cloud-based programming or electrotechnical engineering, come join us at one of our live streams and ask us anything.
Do you have a great idea for our next knowledge sharing stream? Send us an email!

Besides our regular work and serious knowledge sharing streams, KingTech organizes a LAN party every now and then in order to blow off some steam. This page also hosts live-streams from our LAN parties. So feel free to join us here or in-game and check out our Discord server!

Gijs Grote Verbouwing

In the Gijs Grote Verbouwing blog series, KingTech founder Gijs shows off his latest personal projects and sprinkles them with a healthy load of satire. It started out as a joke, whenever people asked Gijs how his garden was coming along, Gijs would send them a link to Gijs Grote Tuinverbouwing (Gijs Great Garden Makeover). Later he did the same for his garage, the new KingTech office. Because of the popularity of the blogs, Gijs keeps maintaining and expending them whenever there are new updates.

Gijs Grote Tuin VerbouwingNL | EN
Gijs Grote Garage VerbouwingNL | EN
Gijs Grote Vlees VerbouwingNL | EN (coming soon)