KingTech is originally a dutch company. In 2012 founder Gijs van der Meijde started doing projects under the KingTech label. Since then KingTech explored multiple fields, always trying to be bleeding edge when it comes to technology. Whether it is 3D printing, industrial electronics, software or customized PC’s. KingTech has seen it all.

As any tech enthusiast, founder Gijs van der Meijde was often asked to configure, build and fix computers for friends and relatives. It didn’t take long before he took on payed jobs within his village. Though this was not under the KingTech label yet, this is where we found our roots.

With his fondness of the latest gadgets, Gijs was always experimenting with new technologies like drones, 3d printers and domotics. It was no ones surprise that Gijs went to study embedded software design and computing sciences.

With a background in embedded devices and computing science. Founder Gijs van der Meijde started taking up development projects for a wide variety of companies. This started the KingTech label.

Moving into a new office in 2020 opened up more possibilities.
Our new office and servers enable us to efficiently write the software you need. And thanks to our workshop featuring professional soldering equipment, 3D printers, and much more. We can now take on bigger project than ever before.