WARNING: Due to KingTech moving to a new office, our 3D print service is currently unavailable.

At KingTech we like to prototype, and in order to bring our prototypes to the next level, a Prusa i3x 3D printer was purchased in 2017. Due to the success of this printer we added a second printer, a da Vinci Jr., was added to the lineup. Thanks to the da Vinci Jr. we cannot just print but also 3D scan objects.

Since out printers are idle most of the time, KingTech joined the crowdsourced 3D print service printathing. This way we can use our 3D printing capability to help other makers realizing their own prototypes.

Prusa i3x

da Vinci Jr.

Interested in using our 3D printing or scanning service? Contact us or go to printathing.com.