Whether you are looking for high tech industrial solutions or a simple accounting application. Here at KingTech we can make your ideas a reality. Our passion for technology and achieving the impossible is what drives us to do amazing things every day.
With over 8 years of experience in product automation and software development we have the knowledge to make your ideas reality.


    “Communication is the key to success”

Here at KingTech we believe communication is key. We live in an age where clients want to be involved in the development process of their products, so developers can no longer hide in their basement. To keep our clients up to date on the progress of their project we work according to the agile principle. This method, originating from software development, enables us to manage the project in a modern and efficient way and keep our clients close to the project.
When you hire us to develop your product you will be able to keep track of our progress via our Client Panel*. Here you can see our current planning, the status of each part of the development and ask questions. Of course you are always welcome to grab a cup of coffee and meet face to face. KingTech values its clients wishes and wants to make sure we create what you need.

Open source

  “Sharing is caring”

The internet has brought us limitless amounts of knowledge, knowledge we also use to improve our products. Developers from all around the world publish their projects on the internet so others can learn from them, use them and improve them. This is the main idea of open-source projects. KingTech firmly believes in the power of open source projects, so all our in-house development projects are published under an open-source license. The only thing we ask is, when you decide to use and improve our products, to send the adjustments back to us so we can decide if we want to embed them in the original product. Why develop a product on your own when you can have thousands of developers working on it? In consultation with our clients we can also add the client’s project to our open-source repositories.