Yurse is an online healthcare platform that connects people that are in need of (medical) care, to people that provide (medical) care.

Connecting nurse and client

People who need extra care but don’t want to depend on big healthcare organisations have a hard time getting in contact with nurses.
On the other hand freelance nurses have a hard time finding clients.
This is why Yurse is created. Yurse offers freelance healthcare providers a platform to offer their services and people in need of care a platform to get in personal contact with those nurses. This all hapens in a few simple steps: Register, search for a nurse/client, get in contact.

No big mediation companies

Big mediation companies are very expensive and becoming more and more impersonal. They put too much time pressure on their employees who are no longer able to provide the care they want to provice. Yurse strives to break the chain of ever deteriorating care by allowing nurse and client to directly connect with each other.

Easy to use and access

Yurse is an easy to use tool that just works. Just register as a nurse or client and look for clients/nurses near you. It is as easy as it sounds! Everything you need is in the palm of your hands.
Once you have registered and verified your account, you can look for clients/nurses in your neighborhood. Using our filters you can look for a client/nurse that is just right for you and our search function even allows you to search for specific clients and nurses.

Verified nurses

Yurse only works with verified nurses. Nurses who are registered in the BIG Register can use their BIG Code to get verified automatically. Yurse will use the BIG Code to fetch additional information from the BIG Register to upgrade your profile. Nurses that don’t have a BIG Code can upload their diploma’s to Yurse. An employee will then manually check the diploma’s and information to verify the nurse.

Personal and professional care

Most companies tend to send different nurses to a patient each time, we understand this can be very annoying. Yurse cuts out the middle man and enables direct contact between nurse and client. If a client likes his/her care he/she can contact the same nurse again. Clients are also able to rate nurses, this way clients can see how a nurse is experienced by other clients.

Administrative possibilities

Yurse understands nurses are drowned in administrative tasks while they just want to care for people. This is why Yurse features a complementary administrative system to help nurses get their administration in order. In combination with the build-in payment options nurses can simply generate financial reports and just worry about their patients. Yurse also features reports so nurses can log everything they did for a patient, no need for expensive additional tools.

Dynamic profiles

Yurse generates a profile for both clients and nurses from the information they have provided us. To guard the quality of the given care we consult the BIG-Register to get extra information like functions and potential warnings. Research tells us the more information someone provides, the more likely he/she are to be contacted.

How does it work?

The video below shows a short demonstration of the Yurse platform. On THIS PAGE a live demo of the pre-alpha version of Yurse can be found. (Note that there is no desktop version yet, to show the live demo on chrome for desktop press F12 and click  )